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Welcome to True Reiki Japan.

 Here is an information site for people interested in health and beauty, in Reiki method, in spiritual world, and in a method of therapy. The purpose of this site is widely to understand True reiki method most useful for treatment.
 Real Usui reiki treatment has strong therapeutic capability but all of current reiki methods loose therapeutic one by misfortune.

 Traditional treatment in Japan has various types; treatment of feet bottom, treatment with the help of reiki, treatment relaxed our body, et al.
 In these traditional treatment Noguchi treatment seems to be most powerful and of wide application for diseases. Noguchi treatment looks like the one and only gigantic tree in the forest of therapeutic region even today. Noguchi treatment was originated by Haruchika Noguchi who was the greatest healer in Japan in the 20th century.
 True reiki method succeeds to real Usui reiki treatment originated by Mikao Usuibut Noguchi treatment is a backbone of True reiki method for that reason.

 Western medicine is a point medicine to be target for a specific part. Therefore, suppressing the symptom, symptomatic therapy, is the main treatment.
 Western medicine has an excellent diagnostic technic, and it is essential in the emergency. In that sense, it might be said that an primary role of Western medicine is in the emergency medical care.

 Western medicine cannot be sanative in general as a matter of fact. Certainly, an infection disease with bacteria recovers if the antibacterial agent is effective. Moreover, the graver risk can be removed by cutting the harm's area out when there is a problem on body organs such as cancer.
 Western medicine is, however, almost powerless for the large majority of diseases except these ones. In Western medicine, it is not possible to cure even a cold and influenza, although there have been methods to easily cure colds and influenza for hundreds of years in Japan. The disease directly linked to our death is our failing main organ in general, and failing organs are a curse to hasten our death.

 Most of us seem not to know that Western medicine is powerless for failing body organs at present. Only this is the reason why our society is a sickness society.
 A sickness society is a society that quite a number of people rely on a medicine and a doctor until dying. In this society, people are exposed to sick danger and quite a number of people live with suffering from sickness.
 The reasons why such a society can exist is that sick people believe to be helped by only the doctor and the medicine.
 However, there is a medical treatment to be able to rely on more than a doctor and a medicine in practice. It is Field medicine.

 Main constituent of present Field medicine is True reiki method and Field medicine is explained in detail on the another site.
 In our standpoint, cancer, inflammation of the lungs, heart disease, apoplexy, and sickness of the mind that are a five great diseases in Japan can be prevented.
 These are not horrible diseases. Moreover, those diseases can recover basically.
 Our longevity is basically ruled by the longevity of each body organ.
 As long as we rely on the present Western medicine, it can be impossible to escape death if a main organ remarkably decreases in function.
 However, the recovery of deteriorated body organs is possible. Deteriorated body organs can be recovered appropriately for the age.

 In other words, we can change the sickness society into a healthy society that hardly depends on a doctor and on a medicine.
 We would like for many people to understand it and to share our technique and knowledge. Therefore, we have not aimed at the business.
 Of course, we are wishing our member who develop the business that saves the pain and lives of many people. However, the motive of our activity is our strong desire to save people in distress and to change a sickness society.
 We established this site aiming to gather with people interested in such a purpose and a method of the therapy, and to expand this circle to the world.

 In general, the alternative medicine is not clear the mechanism of the recovery with or without the effect.
 However, the chronic inflammation is a cause in almost all diseases. What we do are to promote the circulation of blood, to reduce the chronic inflammation, and to activate the adrenal gland.
 As a result, a number of mitochondria of each cell is also increased or activated. Therefore, the mechanism of the recovery due to Field medicine is clearer than that of Western medicine.

 Field medicine is neither Oriental medicine nor Western medicine. Though present Field medicine is a relaxation treatment mainly due to True reiki method, the principle of Field medicine is based on Western medicine and the science.
 Field medicine makes the brain such as hypothalamic area, autonomic nerves and adrenal grant a major target . As a result, the mind and body improves.
 Field medicine is different from Western medicine intended for diseased part in the point intended for the every part of the body included the mind. It is also different from the Oriental medicine based on meridian in the point intended for the blood flow and autonomic nerves, etc.

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