A Person of difficult disease wanted


 Please feel free to consult if you are worried about sickness that the doctor cannot cure. Especially, the intractable disease is welcomed. Treatment here is free of charge. My treatment activity is not done as a business but is done based on the wish of improving the society.
 If such a treatment method will spread to the world, sick people over the world could be saved. This is far more important than I do personally as a business.
 To my regret, the person who can come to the Osaka city is limited. I could visit the house according to circumstances. In that case, please bear the travelling expenses.

Treatment example

1. Fibromyalgia syndrome.

 Fibromyalgia recovers very easily in our method though Fibromyalgia is a serious intractable disease in the Western medicine. Fibromyalgia can recover by only several-time adjustments. I have already saved all three people from the pain.
 Fibromyalgia is the result of the excessive tension of the sympathetic nerve. The stress is a cause of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a curable disease in easiness from an autonomic aspect.

2. Sicknesses of spirits such as depression and panic disorder.

 Depression and panic disorder could recover at about half a year from several months though they could not recover basically in Western medicine. They are the result of the excessive tension of the sympathetic nerve. Or the stress is a cause of depression and panic disorder.

3. Hay fever, whiplash symptom, frozen shoulder, lumbar pain, and knee pain etc.

 These could recover easily.

4. Collagen diseases such as rheumatism, Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis.

 These are the results of the excessive tension of the sympathetic nerve.
 A few time will be necessary for the symptomatic recovery. The stress is cause of them though the collagen diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are assumed in Western medicine that the bacteria and the medical agents are cause.

5. Sickness of various body organs.

 Please consult once before the body organs excision or the transplant operation, for instance, the heart transplant.
 Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis could recover.
 In general, it takes time for body organs to recover though it might recover easily when the deteriorated period is short.
 In general, recovery of the body organs is impossible in the present Western medicine to our regret.

6. Metastatic cancer.

 The metastasis cancer recovers and does not recover by the situation.

7. Women's diseases such as fibroid of uterus.

 Cramps can be canceled at only 1 or 2 minutes.
 It will take about several months to recover fibroid of uterus. Fibroid of uterus is caused by the distortion of the pelvis and getting cold the foot.

Gene disease is fundamentally difficult to recover in our method.
 However, when the sickness deteriorates at years, the countermeasure might be found to delay progressing. Therefore, please consult decisively.

 Please feel free to contact the following.

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 One of the definite differences of the Western medicine and our Field medicine is an idea to the sickness. The present Western medicine often looks for the sick cause outside of a body such as bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, it is assumed that a sick cause is in the disorder of the adjust function of the body in Field medicine. The cause of the disorder it is assumed to be a stress as written in detail to my books. Therefore, it can be thought that the stress might be causes of almost all sickness.

 The way of Western medicine is useful if it recovers from an illness pursuing a sick cause by the way of Western medicine. However, such a way is not actually useful except when there is an effective antibiotic substance. We make it a problem to be existence of a person who develops and of a person who doesn't develop by infection.
 It shows that the developing person has another cause of the appearance of disease if there is a person who doesn't develop by infection. We want to say that a present sickness society will be a result of doctors' disregarding persons that do not develop.

 Let's think about the cold and influenza.
 In Western medicine, the cause of the cold and influenza is thought to be cold bacteria and viruses and the influenza virus. No one will oppose this idea. However, we dare to object it. Everyone has been more or less infected with these viruses etc.

 Why do only some people catch a cold?
 I think that the answer might be clear. The reason for the developing person is that the resistance power to these viruses is weaker than the person who doesn't develop. It is said that the immunity to be the resistance to illness is weak because the regulating function of the body have fallen into disorder. It will develop when the sympathetic nerve is loose in case of the cold. In other words, when we get nervous, we are likely not to become a cold.

 By the way, the cold and influenza can be easily cured. Especially, the cold recovers at one night. It explains details on another page.

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