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The date of the exchange meeting.



 This exchange meeting is a place that the people interested in health, in maintenance of youth, in keeping beauty, and in Reiki method have contact with each other.
 In this meeting, simple rules of health, simple disease therapy unknown to the public, and some secret techniques have been opened to the public.
 Cancer, pneumonia, apoplexy, and heart disease, etc. can be basically prevented. Therefore, it is really ridiculous to invite tragedy by such a disease, or losing a life. In addition, we should avoid the situation that troubles other people by becoming rheumatism and the dementia, etc. by all means.

 Though the contemporary medicine cannot prevent these diseases unfortunately, it is basically possible to prevent them and and to reverse their symptoms in True reiki method. Therefore, we hope for many people to share such knowledge system and the technique.
 The person who hopes for more special systematized techniques can attend the master course.

Guide of exchange meeting

 We are welcome if the applicant for this meeting will make contact us beforehand as much as possible since we are preparing distribution documents and sweets etc.
 Please free to contact the following if you are interested in this meeting.

Contact information:


 telephone: 090 8535 4706 - Nanba -.
 Correspondence of this E-mail has slowed very much now.

Exchange meeting of True reiki method and Field medicine

 Registration fee:  1000 yen.
 The date:       13:10-18:00 on the third Sunday.
 Content:      Seminar + Training + Tea time + Meditation + Image training.


 Higashisumiyoshi hall Japanese-style room 1. 2F
 Address: 2-11-28 Higashi-tanabe Higashi-sumiyoshiku Osaka City.
 The hall is on the left side when going east on the road in the right side of the Higashi-sumiyoshi police station by 50 meters. The closest station is Komakawa-Nakano Station of the subway Tanimachi Line. The hall is in the place of 5 minutes on foot from this station.
 It is in the corner of the peaceful town where many homeless cats and innumerable field cockroaches live comfortably.

True reiki

Clothes etc.

 Clothes that can move easily are desirable.
 Please avoid the miniskirt wearing by the practice for the woman.
 Please bring the bath towel and socks.

Exchange meeting in 2018

  The date      Room  Holding time
 January  21 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 February  18 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 March   18 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 April    15 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 May     20 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 June    17 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 July     15 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 It takes a rest in August.
 September 16 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 October   21 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 November 18 Japanese-style room 1  13:10-18:00
 December 16 To be determined. 

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