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Guide on each page

Guide on site

 In this page, the explanation of rooms composed this homepage is written.
 When the room is divided further, the sub-menu is displayed in the left so as to understand the present place.

Guide on site

 Here is an information page easily explained so that the visitor may understand what on which page is written beforehand.We will recommend the health class to the person who has the concern for beautification, health, uneasiness to the sickness, and worry.


 Here is the top page of this site. It explains feature and purpose of this homepage.

Update history

 Here is a page that informs the update situation of this site. Please confirm whether a new page is added when you visit again.

About the manager

 In this page, it is simply explained a doubtful creature that has managed this site.

Usui Reiki Treatment

 Here is a room where it explains Usui reiki treatment.

True Reiki Method

 Here is a room explained True reiki method.

Event schedule etc.

 Here is a room that includes the seminar schedule and the activity purpose, etc.

Reiki method impressions

 Here is a room collected up the private view concerning reiki.

A sick person wanted.

 Here is a guide page to a person embarrassed due to sickness.

Health class

 It is explained a basic method to maintain healthy condition and a sick cause, etc. It is not few that we get serious illness or to die because of little knowledge about health.I will pass on the useful information based on my experience and on various medical knowledge.Unfortunately, Western medicine has no utility to maintain healthy condition in general.

Health method

 In this room, it explains the method to prevent illness and to recover from illness.

Field Medicine

 This is a button to transfer to the site of the field medicine and the Noguchi therapy.

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