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Health room - life forms are fluids.

Basis of life activities

 Purpose of this room is to understand the fundamental of life activities and body trouble.
In addition, I will explain how to keep healthy until death, that is, a method that will not result in a serious disease or how to notice the symptoms of such a disease.

 The basis of health is the same as the basis of a social activity. Health is a state without disturbance in the flow of energy, necessary substance, and information in the body. In other word, if there is no disturbance in the flow of blood and lymph, the body will be healthy, and if there is disturbance, the body will have a problem.

 It is reasonable to think that life forms are fluids. The life activity is supported by the fluid flow. It is the same at the cell level because there is a protoplasmic flow even in the cell.

 RNA and proteins are essential for life activities, but the normal flow of body fluid is essential for them to play a role. There is a story saying that DNA is changed by reiki etc., but it is a misunderstanding for DNA. Although there is gene moving it is basically that DNA will not change.

 Because DNA is a design drawing of life, it is troubled if it is easily chainged. However, it is possible to activate sleeping genes. Even if the genes are activated, DNA does not change.
 What is important in life activities is RNA, and DNA should be thought as a simple data bank.

 Another way to think about the state of the body is to investigate abnormality of the autonomic nerves.
 Autonomic nerves are closely related to body organ states and blood flow, and abnormalities of organs and blood flow are reflected in autonomic nerves. Conversely, if abnormality of the autonomic nerves continues, abnormality will occur in the corresponding organ.







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