True reiki method


Activity purpose of True reiki society


Activity purpose

 Activity purpose of True reiki method society for study is as follows.

 Development of new therapies.
 Professional therapists are trained while they were active in prewar days.
 Disclosure of way to know the sick body and way to prevent disease.
 Public ways to stay healthy until death.
 Health recovery service activities.
 Teaching True reiki method,

 We will do the activity that changes a present sickness society into a health society. Where the sickness society means a society that many people depend on a doctor and on a medicine and the health society is a society that most people live hardly relying on a doctor and on a medicine until dying.
 We hope to cause such a social revolution not only in Japan but also in all over the world.
 Participation of the person interested in such an activity is expected..


 It came to educate the master in 2011.
 A lecture is attended once for 1000 yen. This course, however, sets the barrier of admission fee because students of banter will be excluded. Please refer to here for details.

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