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True reiki method


 True reiki method is on the basis of the lost Usui reiki treatment and it takes in Noguchi therapy which may be the ultimate level of the medical treatment in all of the known treatments.
 Since the principle of True reiki method is clear, the master of it will understand the principle of qigong, yoga, and various kinds of healing techniques such as theta healing. In other words, They can grasp clearly a mutual common feature and difference.
 For example, Nishino style breathing method is a kind of Qigong or reiki methods rather than the breathing method. There are not few specialist of Qigong to think that the motion produced by this method may be dangerous. However, we are possible to judge them to be good for health because True reiki method has theoretical and practical background that can be such a judgment.

 In True reiki method, the content from level 1 to the master level of the current reiki method and the essence of Usui reiki treatment are taught as the basic course. Content of the master course is the basis and the application of Noguchi therapy.

 We will never have the intention of the start-up of True reiki method as a new sect. However, we are wishing many reiki sects to absorb the content of True reiki method. The current reiki sects may be incomplete without comprehension of the essence of Usui reiki treatment though each reiki sect need not do as well as True reiki method. Or, It will be unavoidable to graduate to the quality of education in it from a moral standpoint.

 Level 3 of each reiki sect taught doesn't have the relation to the Usui reiki treatment. The distortion of the reiki method as the business is summarized in level 3.
 The symbol is only a decoration for the reiki method. We will not deny the effect of the symbol completely. However, it is only a mere child's play.

 It will be sure to understand for anyone acquired the enough experience that a variety of figures, characters, and the sounds can become the symbol and mantra though there are some sects of the reiki method depending on the kind of the symbol.
symbol  For instance, the mark of the torii shown in the right figure gives a strong sense, and it gives us a strong sense also in the hot spring mark in Japan. Moreover, reading of the sutras as "Namu Myou Hou Ren Ge kkyo" marvelously stimulates our seven chakras.  We can give the role to a suitable figure and we can have the beginner use it. However, we should do training that improves beginner's reiki ability than doing so.

 The symbol occupies an important position in many reiki sects because of only the business. Using the symbol shows that the current reiki method is useless. But the actual reiki method is not such a good-for-nothing for treatment.

 We are sincerely wishing for people who will lead the next generation to understand a true appearance of the reiki method through True reiki method. And the real reiki method is expected to become the means of their physical and mental development, purpose in life and earning their bread and butter.

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