Tokutsuka Kiichi


About the manager


 Name:   Tokutsuka Kiichi
   Sex:  ♂
   Age:  unknown
    He is too old to specify the age. In shorthand, he is a hangover at the last century.
   Specialized field:
    Solid state physics & Biology.

  1. Meditation & Delusion.
  2. Exchange of reiki and plants.
  3. Japanese wine & Washing.

 Target to be achieved:
  Creation of environment that the next generation becomes happier.
  1 Change the sickness society into a health society.
  2 Establishment of Field medicine.
  3 Spread of Field medicine to the world.

 Belief :
  1 A strong desire accompanies the action, and it moves the persons.
  2 The trouble is an entrance to the target.
 Favorite word:
  1 One term one meeting.
  2 If persons are not tough, they cannot live. But if they cannot become gentle, they do not have the qualification to live.

  swan song

True reiki
True reiki