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How to notice sickness 2: Soles.

October 03, 2017.

Abnormality of body organs appears to soles.

 Soles reflect abnormality of each body organs. Each zone of the sole is related to each body organ. Therefore, some hard spots will appear in the zone in soles corresponding to the body organ corresponding to abnormality of a body organ.
 When abnormality of body organs become cruel, corresponding hard spots become hard greatly. When hard spots are cruel it can become painful if walking.

 Each sole zone related to each body organ is shown in the figure below.


 If you confirm the sole zone by pushing your soles, the corresponding visceral abnormality can be found.
Many abnormal body organs are reflected in both right and left soles. Moreover, the spine corresponds between both feet when both feet arranged.
 The thumb corresponds to a head while the heel corresponds to hips - pelvis. If you see sole zone like that, the position of each zone and the position of each body organ can correspond almost.

 It has to rub the corresponding sole zone strongly in order to improve body organs. It is necessary to rub the improvement of body organs by strongly pushing the corresponding sole zone with a stick etc. Therefore, this method might not be so effective because it takes allowances when own pushing. Please continue this work for ten minutes or more every time if you can endure this pain.
 Another method is to hold down an abnormal zone lightly by use of Reiki. However, this method might be difficult for people of ordinary ability.
 Therefore, abnormality of body organs can be understood from sole zone but the improvement need patience.

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