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How to notice disease 3: Calves

December 02, 2017

The knee corresponds to the hips and the foot corresponds to the head.


The lower leg from the knee correlates with the body organs, and visceral abnormalities appear in the lower legs between the knees and ankles.
If knees are hips and if feet are the head, the space between the knee and ankle of both legs corresponds to the spine when both feet are arranged.
Therefore, the legs corresponding to each body organ are shown in the figure on the right.
The chest is the heart and lungs, the abdomen is the stomach and the liver, and the lower abdomen is the kidney and sexual organs, etc.
Since each area corresponds to on the bone of the lower leg, you feel a smooth surface if you touch it.
However, if there is abnormality in body organs, the corresponding areas will be raised and will become hard.
You should feel pain when you push the raised parts. You can see the badness of the corresponding organ depending on the degree of raise and the degree of pain.

How to improve body organs


Abnormality of body organs will be improved when lightly suppressing the raised parts with you finger. Please do patiently.
Please bend your feet while sitting and lightly hold down the painful part with your thumb as shown in the figure on the right.
Please hold down the abnormal part for several minutes. Please move it left and right many times while pressing if there are any abnormalities. However, thumbs should be in contact with the abnormal parts for much time. The adjustment of the left leg improves the flow of the artery basically and the adjustment of the right leg improves the flow of the vein since the left leg is the arterial system and the right leg is the venous system.
There are also many major organs on the left side, so adjustment is made mainly on the left leg. Abnormalities are reflected on both legs such as stomach and liver in addition to the organs on the left and right. Therefore adjustment of right leg may be useful.

In addition, there are important places in the arms to know the abnormality of organs and to improve it. These places are very impotent for prevention and improvement of visceral abnormalities, myocardial, infraction, cerebral infraction etc.
However, this is going to be introduced on the page of Field medicine.

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