Master training course


Master training course of True reiki method

Translated to English on October 23 in 2017

The date

Master training course in 2018

 The master course is done ten times between February and November every year as follows.

 The 1st   February  4 13:00-18:00
 The 2nd   March    4 13:00-18:00
 The 3rd   April     1 13:00-18:00
 The 4th   May      6 13:00-18:00
 The 5th   Jun      3 13:00-18:00
 The 6th   July     1  13:00-18:00
 The 7th   August   5 13:00-18:00
 The 8th   September 2 13:00-18:00
 The 9th   October   7 13:00-18:00
 The 10th  November 4 13:00-18:00

Master training concentration course discontinuance in 2018.
 I am sorry but I will discontinue it since I cannot convenient this year.

Contact information:

 Mobile phone: 090 8535 4706 - Nanba -
 Correspondence of this E-mail has slowed very much now.

Master training course of True reiki method

 Admission fee:    20,000 yen.
 Registration fee:   1,000 yen once.
 The date:        13:00-18:00 on the first Sunday.


 Higashisumiyoshi hall Japanese-style room 1 2F
 Address: 2-11-28 Higashi-tanabe Higashi-sumiyoshiku Osaka City
 The hall is on the left side when going east on the road in the right side of the Higashi-sumiyoshi police station by 50 meters. The closest station is Komakawa-Nakano Station of the subway Tanimachi Line. The hall is in the place of 5 minutes on foot from this station.
 It is in the corner of the peaceful town where many homeless cats and innumerable field cockroaches live comfortably.

Reiki training

Clothes, etc.

 Clothes that can move easily are desirable.
 Please avoid the miniskirt wearing by the practice for the woman.
 Please bring the bath towel and socks.

About Master training course of True reiki method

 This training course may be characterized in the content very enhanced compared with the course held all over the world.
 For instance, the registration fee costs from roughly 300,000 yen to 600,000 yen though it ends on several days in case of the reiki course held in Japan. However, these courses lack some indispensable content concerning Usui reiki treatment. It is because the essence of Usui reiki treatment may be generally-unknown.

 The school to teach Noguchi therapy is extremely few. Such places are decreasing over time, and it may be very difficult to find it now. It is the reason why Noguchi therapy is called as a rare therapy.
 Moreover, the course costs extremely large amount of money in general. If many courses of Noguchi therapy are attended, the cost of millions of yen or more may be needed.

 We expect that the persons who complete the seminar will come to be able to maintain their health and to do sick treatment.

 The purpose of this course is to leave systematized techniques and knowledge for after ages and to be used them all over the world. Therefore, a money profit-and-loss arithmetic is disregarded in our seminars. The admission fee is set because of preventing banter.
 However it is our pleasure extremely for the student of this course to obtain the income of large amount of money by contributing to the society.
In True reiki method, the treatment of disorder is called "healthy guidance".

Feature of True reiki method course.

1. Easy rules of health and the treatment method in the home can be acquired.
 As a result, fear such as cancer, cardiac infarction, cerebral infarctions, and brain hemorrhages may be lost.
 It comes promptly to notice the accident of the body.

2. An excellent treatment method can be acquired.
 This treatment is not compared with the chiropractic, the bone setting, and other various treatments in the therapeutic gain.
 For this method, the effect and the application range to the sickness of the body and the mind are greatly excellent compared with other treatment. It is thought that this method may be more excellent in many aspects than Western medicine except emergency medicine.
 This method is very profitable in life and in business even if you do not aim at a professional treatment person.

3. It is possible to acquire the medical knowledge based on Western medicine and life sciences that most doctors may never know.
 As a result, the current view for the sickness and the health will be sure to change completely after attending the lecture.
 Moreover, it will come to understand the method for staying fit and the method of passing through the sickness.

4. Knowledge and the technique that no one still knows, and the lost technique are abundant in True reiki method.
 Content of this course is a treasure house of the rare technique and knowledge which excellent therapists may want.

5. Reiki, qigong, and the psychotherapy, etc. can understand easily and can be skilled uniformly.
 Moreover, it is a feature that the method is very handy.

6. This method completely takes the Noguchi therapy as a therapy technique though Usui reiki treatment is basic.
 These systematized techniques are the human heritages. It is necessary never to lose them.
 Various finding and the technique found by me are included in True reiki method in addition to them.

7. The doctor's treatment tends to disregard man's vitality, in a word, the immunity. In general a doctor of Western medicine easily cuts out body organs by the same reason, and tends to lack consideration to the quality of the life of the patient.
 On the other hand, True reiki method is greatly different the idea to health and the sickness from Western medicine. Therefore, True reiki method is quite different the method of treatment from Western medicine even if True reiki method share the idea of the West medicine.

8. Individual physical strength and the mental performance improve greatly by acquiring this method.
 Physical strength, the immunity, and endurance also improve.
 Aging is controlled to some degree, and the process of aging will be delayed.
 It will be improved the mental performance such as concentration, perseverance, the ability to get things done, and creativity.
 The interpersonal relationship will improve. Therefore, it will be effective for the business.

Example of easy rules of health and treatment method in home

 The following use is thought as an application in daily life though the coverage of True reiki method is very wide.

1. Prevention and recovery methods such as cold and influenza
 Variously sick prevention and treatment as follows.
 Sickness of body organs, uterus myoma, enlarged prostate, cancer, cardiac infarction, cardiac failure, cerebral infarction, and brain hemorrhage, etc.
 Depression, panic disorder, fibromyalgia syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerous colitis, rheumatism, etc.

2. Cancellation of woman's worry.
 Headache, cramps, excessive hemorrhage, underestimate, and perimenopausal symptom, etc.
 Appropriate childbirth. health maintenance and improvement, etc.

3. Cancellation of man's worry
 Improvement of man function
 Improvement of evil by drinking, etc.
 Cancellation of tiredness, spiritlessness, and no motivation

4. Health maintenance, age control and to remain young

5. Improvement of creativity, concentration, energy and ability to get things done etc.


 The treatment method in Western medicine is chiefly symptomatic treatment. It is primary purpose to be the disappearance and relaxation of a superficial symptom. This method is a treatment method that waits to improve the sickness by patient's autoimmune power while being suppressing the symptom with the medicine.

 The causal therapy that is another treatment method is a sanative method to take the cause of the symptom and the disease. The example of this treatment method is as follows; exterminating of pathogen with antibiotic, exclusion of poison with antidote, and administering of vitamin preparation to avitaminosis. However, the applicable scope of this method has been extremely limited excluding the operation that damages the body.

 On the other hand, we will find an abnormal area that appears in the body at first and will correct there in True reiki method. The abnormal area is usually a place caused the blood circulation disorder, or inflammation. Here is a part to cause disorder of autonomic nerve.
 When the circulation of blood in the disorder site is normalized, the immunity will goes up and the healthy body will return. We find such a cause of falling into the symptom and we recommend usually the improvement of the lifestyle.

 True reiki method can generally cure more sicknesses than the West medicine. However, we are not sanative accurately. We only help out to improve the power to cure the sickness in a sick person. That is, we help out to raise the immunity.
 The human has lived for a long time about ancient times. Or the human has lived without being defeated at all bacilli, viruses, and the adversities, etc.
 A normal body has power to cure cancer. In a word, the sickness will recover if the circulation of blood or autonomic nerves are normal.
 In short, a person will never become sick if the body is in a state of the normal autonomic nerves. The medicine is originally quite unnecessary. The medicine will often hinder the recovery. We help to become such a body. We are using word "healthy guidance" instead of the "treatment" in True reiki therapy.

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