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 This is a site for persons interested in health and beauty, and interested in Reiki treatment and in Noguchi treatment etc.
 Since the previous site finished its initial role, I have renewed it as Field Medicine and Noguchi treatment. A part of the content continues as it is.
 This site aims to make many people know Field medicine and aims to change a sickness society into a health society.

 Field medicine is a medicine dealing with a life field, and Japanese medicine is a medicine dealing with a blood field: the blood field is an electromagnetic field caused by the body fluid circulation.
 Here the life field means the electromagnetic field generated by the vital activity.
 Therefore, Japanese medicine is a medicine mainly composed of traditional treatments to improve the blood flow obstruction.

 All diseases can be caused from the blood flow obstruction. Therefore, an effective medical treatment should cancel the blood flow obstruction. Western medicine seems to have little such recognition and it does not have an effective way to improving the blood flow. It could invite various tragedy. Though the existence of people who need care would be appearance of incompetent of Western medicine, such a tragedy is only a tip of the iceberg.

 On the other hand, there are a few effective treatments for the improvement of the blood flow obstruction in traditional treatments. Especially, Noguchi treatment seems to be a super existence in effectiveness against the sickness and in the scope of the application. Noguchi treatment can be more excellent than Western medicine as actual feeling. However, an enough experience would be necessary for becoming the therapist who will acquire such an ability. But it can be possible by study for a short term for use at home.
 Haruchika Noguchi as a father of Noguchi treatment was originally an excellent expert of Reijutsu. He took a useful technique from various traditional treatments that was being lost, and he systematized a completely new treatment method. It is Noguchi treatment.

 However, Reijutsu based on Noguchi treatment became subject to the police's cleansing in 1930. Reijutsu as a treatment has been almost annihilated except Usui reiki treatment under the protection of the navy. Mr. Noguchi did not put out Reijutsu to the table as a bodywork treatment. He might have had the intention to take off the pursuit of the police.
 There is a strong impression that Noguchi treatment is a bodywork therapy. And it has been forgotten that Reijutsu is the basis of Noguchi treatment.

 Reijutsu became a dead language with the disappearance of Reijutsu as the system of general reiki techniques.
 The word Qigong came to be used widely also in Japan, which had arisen in China after the war. I think that Reijutsu might be a word that is a little wider than Qigong. I do not think that there might be a possibility that these words revive. However, it is resistant to me to kill the brilliant history of Reijutsu in Japan by using the word Qigong instead of Reijutsu. Moreover, present Qigong united to four four great Qigong in China, is a way of health and is not a treatment method.

 On the other hand, various treatments occupied the large percentage in Reijutsu. The treatment of Qi is a kernel of this site. Then, techniques of Qi will be called reiki methods on this site. Reiki means Qi.
 However, current reiki methods are not an effective reiki technique. They lack the essence of the reiki technique that Usui reiki treatment possesses. These have extended to the world without noticing misunderstanding. Therefore, it is necessary to know a true reiki method as a general reiki technique.

 We live in a sickness society where the sickness doesn't decrease even if the number of the doctor and medicine increases. However, we should be able to live in a health society with little need for the doctor and the medicine until dying. A health society might be a fantastic story up to now, and most of us could not even imagine such a society.
 However, if a sick cause is a blood flow disorder, a health society can be feasible without difficulty.

health society

 We received a life in this world might have a mission to make a better society for our children and future children. Our mind and action will be transmitted in the future if we share the same mind and act even if there is a limit to life. At that time, we would become travelers of time, and would become a missionary to the future.
 We sincerely hope that many people sharing our desire will participate in activities to change a sickness society into a health society over the world.

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