Fibromyalgia syndrome recovers easily.

November 07, 2017


 Fibromyalgia is an easily curable disease and is treated for free of charge as well as other diseases.
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What is the fibromyalgia?

 Fibromyalgia is called fibromyalgia syndrome or fibre muscle pain syndrome.
 Fibromyalgia is a disease that an intense pain is caused in the whole body, and is a whole body chronic pain syndrome.
 Fibromyalgia is an unexplained disease in Western medicine. Abnormality doesn't appear in blood tests etc. In general, fibromyalgia is a disease frequently occurring in women, and few men. The attack rate of the woman is seven times the man.
 It is said that about two million people suffer from fibromyalgia in Japan.
 For fibromyalgia, abnormality is not found in the examination, and the cause is unknown, so the patients tend to be turned around. Moreover, because the pain is not understood, the patients tend to be misunderstood in the workplace.

Symptom of fibromyalgia

 It is characterized by severe pain in the fibromyalgia. People with fibromyalgia are painful only by being touched. Normally, people with suffer a wide range of pain, but in some cases they only hurt a certain part and painful places may move.
 The degree of pain varies from light pain to intense pain. Symptoms range from the lightest stage 1 to the heaviest stage 10.
 Pain intense may change depending on weather or pressure.

View of Field medicine

 In Field medicine, fibromyalgia is thought to be a result of continuing the sympathetic nervous system under tension. Therefore, pain may also occur due to change in the climate or pressure and become severe, and it becomes difficult to self - activate.
 Originally, when the sympathetic nervous system becomes overstrained, the sensory nerve dulls, but it may be abnormal in the sensory nerve.
 In Field medicine, even if the symptoms are quite different, fibromyalgia is thought to be a type of panic disorder since panic disorder and fibromyalgia are common in the main abnormal parts.

 The recovery method of fibromyalgia is to calm the sympathetic nerve, and to activate autonomic nerve. It is necessary to cancel the abnormal parts at the same time. The abnormal parts are thought to be a result of chronic inflammation.
 Symptom is usually improve considerably with a single treatment. Approximately, it will recover with treatment from 4 times to 6 times.

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