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Concept of Field medicine

June 11, 2017
Correction on November 04, 2017

The idea of Field medicine is the idea that Western medicine should have.

 Most people might think a strong sense of incompatibility to be the word Field medicine and it is seemed like a suspicious field as a totally different field.
 However, the way of thinking of Field medicine is the same as Western medicine except the treatment method. The way of thinking is ahead of that of Western medicine rather. It can be thought that the way of thinking of Field medicine will become common sense by Western medicine in ten years or more.

Concept of Field medicine for disease

 Field medicine is a study to normalize the flow of the body fluid under the present situation though Field medicine is a medicine of the life field. It becomes the following concretely.
 Field medicine treatment is a radical cure treatment to improve working of the body and to recover. Moreover, there are no side effects since medication is never used.
 Therefore, Field medicine is quite different from Western medicine mainly based on symptomatic therapy.
 In short, Field medicine is fundamentally different from Western medicine in the view to the sickness and a sick cause though Field medicine is the same as Western medicine about the way of thinking such as function of body organs.
 The radical cure therapy is a therapy that removes the cause of symptom in Western medicine while it is a therapy that dissolves the cause symptom or makes a body without symptom in Field medicine.
 Symptomatic therapy is a therapy that suppresses the symptom, which is expected to recover by natural healing power while the symptom is being suppressed. However, we need to continue taking medicine to suppress the symptom if we do not recover with natural healing power.

 Concept of Field medicine for disease is described as follows.

 The sickness is caused by the disorder of the adjustment function of the body.
1. The decrease in the adjustment function of the body decreases the recovery function of the body and causes the sickness.
2. The reason why the adjustment function of the body falls into disorder is that working of autonomic nerves falls into disorder.
3. The adrenal glands play the adjustment function of the body. Therefore, the disorder of the adjustment function increases the burden on the adrenal glands.
4. Therefore it becomes impossible for the adrenal glands to correspond appropriately if the disorder of the adjustment function is large or it continues. And the ability of the adjustment function decreases.
5. The depression of the adrenal glands leads to decreased activity of autonomic nerves, and causes various symptoms that cannot be explained to the doctor.
6. The possibility of causing abnormal body organs and a serious sickness comes out when the depression of the adrenal glands become chronic.
7. In Field medicine, allergies such as atopic dermatitis and autonomic disorder are thought to be due to decreased function of the adrenal glands

T. The sickness is caused by the blood flow obstruction.

1. The disorder of the adjustment function of the body invites a partial blood flow obstruction, which will explain by another page in detail.
2. Necrosis of cells and breeding of pathogens of the cell will happen in the place where the blood flow obstruction continues, and the inflammation will occur. When the blood flow obstruction becomes long-term, it becomes a chronic inflammation.
3. The depression such as body organs occurs when the chronic inflammation continues because the chronic inflammation's continuing means that the dead tissue increases. This is sick.
4. In addition, when the chronic inflammation continues, the lifestyle disease such as cancer will be caused.
5. Moreover, it becomes easy for the pathogen to proliferate because the number of exemption cells decreases in the place where there is a blood flow obstruction.
6. In short, the blood flow obstruction causes the decrease in the immunity there, and the possibility to generate the infectious disease increases. Cancer is also a cause of the immunity decrease by the blood flow obstruction.

U. The sickness is caused by the stress.

1. The body has working that keeps the body's internal environment constant even if the inside and outside environment changes. This working is called homeostasis.
2. However, the burden of the body increases in order to keep the body's internal environment constant if the environmental change is large or it continues.
3. In a word, it comes to cause disorder in the function to keep the body's internal environment constant.
4. Adjustment of the body is done by directing to be autonomic nerve of the brain against environment change.
5. Autonomic nerves are the transmission net in which the brain instructs body organs. Each organ of the body does working corresponding to the situation based on the instruction through autonomic nerves.
6. By the way, the adjustment of the body to the environmental change is called a stress.
7. Therefore, if the stress is too large or the stress continues, disorder may be caused in working of the body.
8. In short, the chronic inflammation occurs if the blood flow obstruction continues. It leads to various sickness.
9. After all, the chronic stress will cause the sickness.

V. The sickness is caused by depression of the adrenal glands.

1. The adrenal gland is the main body organ responsible for the adjustment by hormonal secretion while a stress is the adjustment of the body to various environmental changes.
2. Each organ of the body becomes various states such as active state by the adrenal glands.
3. Even if an excessive demand comes from the sympathetic nerve, the adrenal glands appropriately may secrete a necessary hormone as long as the adrenal glands are energetic.
4. Oppositely, the amount of the secretion of a necessary hormone decreases when the function of the adrenal glands decreases and the inflammation, etc. are caused.
5. After all, health may be maintained if the adrenal glands are functioning normally. On the other hand, the possibility of sickness increases if the function of the adrenal glands decreases.
6. The main factor to cause the depression of the adrenal glands is continuance of the blood flow obstruction by the chronic stress. As a result, the caused phenomenon is a chronic inflammation and the extension of the chronic inflammation may become various diseases.

○ The sickness is disorder of the adjustment function of the body.
○ The body adjustment is to adjust to environmental changes to maintain body homeostasis.
○ Homeostasis is to keep an internal environment of the body constant such as blood pressure and body temperature.
○ Organs responsible for this function are the brain, the autonomic nerve, the adrenal grand and the thymus.
○ A stress is the body adjustment to the environmental changes.
○ When certain degree of environmental change continues, the stress becomes chronic.
○ As a result, distortion due to body adjustment creates sickness.
○ Distortion makes blood flow obstruction and it causes the chronic inflammation.
○ A chronic inflammation decreases the function of the adrenal.

True reiki method

 In Western medicine, this idea should be natural, but I think that it seemed hardly to be recognized in the medical field. Because the chronic inflammation can hardly be cured under the present situation, such an idea may not be significant as a practical matter on the treatment side.
 However, radical cure treatment of most diseases is difficult as long as the problem of immunity is regarded as a problem of the specific body organ.
 Consequently, Western medicine seems to be misidentifying the essence of disease. Therefore many tragedies are occurring.
 This is the essence of a sickness society that the number of sick people increases even if doctors and medicines increase.

Stress is the cause of most diseases.

 Stress, blood flow obstruction, inflammation, disease, and adrenal glands have the following relationships.

1. The disease is a chronic inflammation and a result; for instance, diseases of various body organs and lifestyle diseases, etc.
2. Chronic inflammation occurs in place with long-term blood flow obstruction.
3. Chronic stress leads to a long-term blood flow obstruction.
4. In a word, the stress strains a part of the autonomic nerves.
5. And adrenal glands are corresponding to the change of the autonomic nerves. Or body organs corresponding to the stress are adrenal glands in main.
 After all, the stress disturbs an autonomic balance and causes the blood flow obstruction. And chronic stress develops chronic inflammation and becomes disease.

The key to the health maintenance is in the adrenal glands.

 Body organ corresponding to the stress is adrenal glands like the above-mentioned. The adrenal glands also influence the immune system such as the thymus gland.
 Adrenal function decreases when the stress continues. Therefore, it will cause various diseases. That is, it is easy to become sick, if the adrenal glands are weak.
 For instance, contemporary people seem to have not fully developed the adrenal glands compared to the old people who grew up in a severe environment.
 It is a reason why the allergy symptoms such as atopic dermatitis and pollen allergy, the mental disorder such as depression, and the autonomic disorder increase drastically. It is also thought that the increase in the number of people who suddenly becomes violent is because of the increase in people with weak adrenal glands.

 Actually, people who show such symptoms have weak adrenal glands without the exception. Such people need to recover the adrenal glands.
 However, medical experts pay attention to the brain such as the damage of the hippocampus because they think that depression and so on is the disease of the brain. Therefore, diseases do not recover easily.
 In many cases, patients are given many kinds of medicines and are put into a state to be little prospect of recovery.
 Taking many kinds of medicines is a proof of no effective medicine in the first place. I am neither going to deny that the modern medicine is beneficial, but I can nor deny that the modern medicine is to keep increasing disease.
 One of the reasons is that Modern medicine cannot be face disease from the front as explained previously.

True reiki method is responsible for Field medicine treatment.

Field medicine contains treatments that use the electric current, the magnet, and the far-infrared radiation, etc. since it is originally medicine of the electromagnetic field. However, True reiki method as a branch of Japanese medicine is responsible for a sick recovery at present.
  1. Elimination of blood flow obstruction or elimination of inflammation
  2. Improvement of flow of lymph
  3. Improvement of flow of spinal fluid
 The activation of autonomic nerves and the correction of the bone structure and the pelvis, etc. are included in this adjustment. These will eliminate the chronic inflammation of the body organs and lymph nodes and will recover the mind and body.
 As a result, most diseases recover. In Field medicine, there are very few diseases that do not recover unlike Western medicine. However, the True reiki method is ineffective in principle against disease due to genetic abnormality. Especially, diseases good in Field medicine are diseases caused by autonomic disorder. They will easily recover in many cases, if autonomic nerves become normal.

True reiki