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Explanation of the content of the course

Translated to English on October 23 in 2017

Explanation of the content of the course

 The master course of True reiki method has gone in Osaka City Higashi-sumiyoshiku and in Kanagawa Prefecture Sagamihara City Kobuchi. The course in Kanagawa is stopping now.
 Because the master training courses held on the first Sunday are only ten times a year, an enough practice cannot be done. The shortfall is covered in the exchange meeting on the third Sunday.

 Treatment to an actual sickness uses not the Usui reiki treatment but the Noguchi therapy, etc. Therefore, the practice of the treatment method becomes mainly a practice of the Noguchi therapy.
 In general a person who acquire a current reiki method do not know the best position where his hands should be touched in healing. The person who acquired this method understands the place that should be touched according to the sickness. We don't worry in the touched place as long as rare sickness.
 It only has to hit it to one place for roughly five minutes though there are usually few parts that should be adjusted.

 True reiki method consists of the following three elements.
1.Usui reiki treatment and the improvement system.
2.Medicine and life science knowledge to understand the reason to be sick.
3.Noguchi therapy as a treatment to be sanative.
 The content of the lecture is as follows. There are various practices.
 The content of the practice is both a training of the reiki by True reiki method and a practice of the Noguchi therapy as a healthy guidance.

T. True reiki method.

 This volume explains the system of the reiki based mainly on the Usui reiki treatment.
 The understanding of this volume deepens the understanding of Qigong and Yoga, etc. Moreover, it can be understood that the True reiki method is a system of a very efficient and reasonable system of reiki compared with Qigong.


The first day
 Chapter 1 History of reiki in Japan.
 Chapter 2 Base of Usui reiki treatment.
 Appendix 5 Training procedures of True reiki method.
 The special volume Adjustment method that improves a flow of lymph and improves a posture.

The second day
 Chapter 3 Altered states of consciousness and meditation.
 Chapter 4 Usui reiki treatment.

The third day
 Chapter 5 Abdominal breathing and altered states of consciousness.
 Chapter 6 symbol.

The fourth day
 Chapter 7 The principle of True reiki reiki method. Difference between Qigong and Yoga
 Chapter 8 Principle of the attunement

The fifth day
 Chapter 9 The method of hand treatment and the actual hand method of Usui reiki treatment
 Chapter 10 sleep
 Chapter 11 dream and unconsciousness
 Chapter 12 Feature of True reiki method

The sixth day
 Chapter 13 cakra

The seventh day
 Chapter 14 Aura
 Chapter 15 Method of seeing aura

The eighth day
 Chapter 16 Relation between reiki and nerve, blood, and muscle

The ninth day
 Chapter 17 Shibata type method to look and to adjust foot
 Chapter 18 Tuning point of the True reiki method

The tenth day
 Appendix 1 Principle and control method of the reiki movement
 Appendix 2 Every Substance emits electromagnetic waves with extremely wide wavelength area
 Appendix 3 Principle of the remote reiki by some physical point
 Appendix 4 Application of O-ring test
 Appendix 6 Medical Law related to health guidance

U. Body and healthy chapter

 This volume is a purpose to study a knowledge system necessary to stay fit, and to understand a sick caus.
 The content of this volume is basically corresponding to the contents of my books and of this homepage.
 Therefore, This volume omits now and the practice has been increased.

V. Chapter of Noguchi treatment

 The Noguchi treatment contains extremely important knowledge and many techniques as an approach to therapy. True reiki method has taken the Noguchi treatment completely but it contains new methods and the knowledge found by me.


The first day
 Chapter 1 Outline of the Noguchi therapy
 Chapter 2 Basic matter and basic adjustment method

The second day
 Chapter 3 Right and left difference of the body
 Chapter 4 spine and pelvis

The third day
 Chapter 5 Adjustment method of arm
 Chapter 6 Method of curing pain in stiff neck and shoulder

The fourth day
 Chapter 7 5 tuning points of head
 Chapter 8 It is important to pull out in Noguchi therapy. The meaning and technique of pulling out

The fifth day
 Chapter 9 Adjustment of the cervical vertebra

The sixth day
 Chapter 10 Adjustment of the dorsal vertebra

The seventh day
 Chapter 11 5 tuning points of abdomen
 Chapter 12 Adjustment of lumbar vertebra
 Chapter 13 Adjustment of sacrum

The eighth day
 Chapter 14 Character and Habit depend on the lumbar vertebra

The ninth day
 Chapter 15 Adjustment of lower limbs

The tenth day
 Chapter 16 Lumbago and pain in knee

Chapter 17 Treatment method of various diseases
 The content of this chapter is distributed as a practice on each day. And some part of the remainder will be explained and practiced in the exchange meeting.

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