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Content of the exchange meeting

Exchange meeting schedule in 2018

 The date     The hall    Title of the seminar
 January 21 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  Quick healing 1. Eating and body - spine - 1
 February 18 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  Quick healing 2. Eating and body - spine - 2
 March 18 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  
 April 15 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  
 May 20 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  
 June 17 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  
 July 15 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  
  It is a holiday in August.
September 16 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  
October 21 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  
November 18 Higashi-sumiyoshi hall  
December 16 To be tetermined.  

Content of seminar held in the past.

 Intestines and sickness. Sleep and vertebra. Part3
 Kidney and sickness. Sleep and vertebra. Part 2
 Sickness of adrenal Part 2. Sleep and vertebra. Part 1
 Sickness of adrenal Part 1. Sweat turned in. Part 3
 Recovery method of adrenal. Sweat turned in. Part 2
 Importance of adrenal. Sweat turned in. Part 1
 The stress causes the sickness. Method of Katugen movement.
 What is the stress? Noguchi type healing.
 The sickness is a result of the blood flow disorder. Perimenopausal symptom and pelvis.
 Field medicine and pelvis adjustment.
 Mitochondria are keys to aging and health.
 Method to give distorted spine a correction.
 What is Field medicine and Japanese medicine ?
 Similarity and difference among Japanese medicine, Western medicine, and Oriental medicine.
 The delusion at the new year: The human body is an organic robot moving by the electricity.
 Prevention and recovery method for cancer caused sudden death.
 Mind and immunity 1.
 Mind and immunity 2.
 Health depends on activity of mitochondria.
 Autonomic and body organs.
 Symptom by disturbances of blood flow of an artery.
 Reason to get cancer.
 The cause of the disease.
 Health management method by conditioning of feet bottom.
 Phytochemicals, health, and sick cause etc.
 Basic sick recovery method etc.
 Yell surgery,reiki movement method.
 Reinforced method of the abdomen.
 Tuning points of True reiki method and the activation of chakra.
 Wish achievement method.
 Adjustment method of hip joint.
 Reiki movement - self-movement 3.
 Reiki movement - self-movement 2.
 Reiki movement - self-movement 1.
 Image training 6: Internal explorations such as sheets of paper and leaves.
 Image training 5: Internal exploration of DNA. Activation of longevity gene etc.
 Image training 3: Training of image of mitochondria activation. Health and mitochondria.
 Image training 2.
 Image training 1.
 Aging is sick. The death is brought due to sickness.
 Attunement technique.
 Body work for beautification.
 Aging from a standpoint of True reiki method.
 Glycation. Meal and aging.
 Lumbar vertebra and vertebrae sacrales.
 Sickness from a standpoint of evolution medicine.
 Treatment of lumbago and pain in knee.
 Symbol reconsideration.
 Attunement reconsideration.
 Theta healing 2.
 Theta healing 1.
 Introduction to qigong.
 Nishino type breath method.
 Ho'oponopono 2.
 Ho'oponopono 1.
 Tibet physical exercise.
 Details about Usui reiki treatment.
 History of Reigaku and Usui reiki treatment.
 The outline of Usui reiki treatment.
 Meditation method.
 Cause of disease.
 The outline of Noguchi treatment.
 About vertebrae cervicales: the synchronization of vertebrae cervicales and the pelvis.
 Autonomic and brain wave
.  Principle of Usui reiki treatment.  About reiki circuit.
 Structure of pelvis. Pelvis and autonomic.
 Principle of attunement.
 Position and function of human body and body organs. Spine.
 Brain and spine.
 Introduction to body habit.
 Sleep, nervous substance, sleep and dream.
 Summary of pelvis adjustment.
 Therapy of Psychological ill, Depression, and Panic disorder etc.
 Reiki flow related to Muscle, blood, and nerve. Autonomic and body organs.
 Therapy of pain in shoulder and arm.
 Explanation of the electromagnetic radiation, the energy, the black body radiation, and the resonance of wave.
 Treatment of belly.
 Therapy of cancer.
 Reason to make the patient a state lost strength in the reiki therapy.
 Recovery method of a pollen allergy.
 Main chakra and sub-chakra.
 Working of lumbar vertebra and the movement of pelvis.
 Meaning of aura and aura color.
 Method of seeing aura. Wish achievement method by meditation.
 Introduction to Ho'oponopono.
 Method to contact with the collective unconsciousness.
 Principle and practice of the reiki movement.
 Principle and practice of the remote reiki.

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