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Purpose of exchange meeting & natural gifts


Purpose of exchange meeting

 I think that the use of natural gifts will be indispensable to the enhanced life. Natural gifts, Tenbun in Japanese, are the talents or function with everyone naturally. To our regret, many people might not notice it and, therefore, might not have used it.

 The purpose of this exchange meeting is to acquire knowledge and easy technique in order to be healthy. And we will be improved by meeting persons and our possibility might be expanded by it.
 The meaning of this exchange meeting is as follows.

1. The method of health and long life is acquired.
 It comes to be able to perceive the symptom of cancer, the consumption, brain infarction and cardiac infarction etc. Moreover, it comes to be able to cure many sicknesses.
 Therefore, we can prevent such diseases. Various sicknesses can be originally prevented.
 To prevent the disease, it only has to prevent a chronic stress as explained in my books. Or it only has to make the adrenal energetic, where the adrenal is a body organ corresponding to the stress.
 Easy rules of health and the technique to do at home might be acquired in the exchange meeting though advanced and systematic technique and knowledge are learnt in the master course.

2. Interaction with persons in the exchange association.
 All kinds of meeting give number of awareness, chances, and the possibilities of us.
 It is possible to be enriched our lifetime as a result of the acquaintance's increase by using such an exchange association.

3. Chance to find your natural gifts
 We can occasionally obtain the excitement by knowing ways of life and the life philosophy of other people. The opportunity to know our natural gifts might increase if the exchange increases.

Greatness of people of birth at the Meiji era
 People have various life. And, not a few people who did an intense way of life like outpouring of spirit had shown up in turbulent days.

   For instance, the people, who took an active part at the end of the samurai period, had such a way of life.
 We cannot help being deeply impressed by way of life such as Isamu Kondo and Toshizo Hijikata, etc. Isamu Kondo kept fighting while well recognizing action against flow in age and Toshizo Hijikata were fighting to the last minute without losing the original intention.
 What they had tried to defend desperately was not the endangered Tokugawa government but "Sincerity" or their pride though it might be seemed as foolish. And they went through with it at the risk of losing their life.
 And it might be unnecessary to explain about people who accomplished Meiji Restoration.

 Toshizou Hijikata died at the age of 33, Ryoma Sakamoto died at the age of 30, and Shouin Yoshida died at the age of 28, who took an active part at the end of the samurai era.
 They have an impression that their lives have been condensed in just a few years.
 They are still in our mind passing of 150 years or more after their deaths though they were extremely short lives.
. Perhaps, their memories will not disappear from people of future generations after 150 years.
 They might obtain an eternal life as compensation of a short physical life.

 People who were born at the Meiji era inherited the spirit in this kaleidoscopic age of Meiji Restoration: the people born in the Meiji era are called Meiji people. They had been imprinted the spirit to live hard and to live desperately with a purpose.
 The person who did the way of life that shakes our soul is not a little in the person in this age.

 Jou Niijima, a founder of Doshisha University, solicited for a contribution in the United States and established the university.
 Wealthy people in the United States contributed it by his lecture. And there was a poor farmer who received impression to his speech in them.
 He said to Niijima "If this money is passed to you, I should go home on foot to my house far apart. However, I still put this money to you." Joe Niijima was recording the very impression on the poor farmer and expressing gratitude for him though his contribution was a little.
 American's spirit at that time and good of the speech of Jou Niijima can be felt here. In general, not a few Meiji people were excellent in how to talk to make people impressed and how to talk that sounded in the mind.

 Tyuuhachi Ninomiya, who called father of the airplane of Japan, produced the light aircraft by the rubber power in 1890. Afterwards, he applied to the army for the production of a military airplane that moves with engine. But the army did not understand it.
 Then, he originally developed the airplane that the person was able to take. However, a necessary engine could not be obtained as power because it was too expensive.
 Therefore, he worked to join the Dainippon Pharmaceutical company in order to obtain the capital to get the engine.

 However, Wright Brothers in the United States had succeeded in the flight on December 17, 1903. Mr. Ninomiya knew the information after five years. He dispirited and he threw away the development of the airplane and his dream for the airplane.

The airplane based on his design was produced in the following 1991 years after near for 100 years. It was confirmed that the person flew actually getting on this airplane.
 Royal Airline Association has exhibited the model of the insect type airplane as one of the models designed by Mr. Ninomiya. Mr. Ninomiya is introduced there as a person who discovered the principle of the airplane earlier than Wright Brothers.

 It introduced few numbers of people here though there are many Meiji people who made an effort to have a high will and to achieve an aim in life.

Life and natural gifts: Kounosuke Matsushita's word.
 Mr. Matsushita familiar to us was born in 1894. Then, he was one of the Meiji people.
 He was using the word natural gifts for a way of life. The philosophy at the Meiji era might be transmitted to us from his word, which might be invariable Japanese philosophy.

 It introduces one example of his sentences.
 "The true success gets by the best use of own natural gifts. Therefore, the appearance of the success is different depending on the person. The success is not to obtain a social position or neither honor nor the property. It is a success to know natural gifts and to make use of natural gifts completely. And it is necessary to have strong zeal to own natural gifts and to have an obedient mind in order to know natural gifts."

The essential for the life is preparedness.
 Naturally, such Meiji people’s way of is handed down to the present age.
 However, many modern people are seemed to lost sight of oneself and not to pursue their possibility. It looks like that they have forgotten blessing and splendor to bear in this world.
 The child expresses pleasure to be alive by the jumping even in the grass-eating animal that should worry about the attack at any time. Uplifting feeling of the life and joy of living overflows in the wild world though it is seemed to be in the extreme environment compared with the human world.

 Meiji People should also have lived by the severe environments without comparison at the present age. However, many of them did not have the sense of hopelessness but had hope and dreams with their indomitable will.
 In general, not a few Meiji people birth had the firm intention, the decision power, and the ability to get things done. They seem to be very different from us.
 Their and our differences include the social and the home environment, etc. However, I think that the big difference between them and us might be the presence or absence of preparedness.

 We live originally in the world where the life and the death are standing next. People of old times might have met many deaths from childhood and the death might have entered their life.
 However, it has decreased for us to face with the relative's death mainly because of a trend in nuclear families now.
 We came to forget dying except the elderly person. We came to turn our eyes away from the death before we are aware.
 Alive is wonderful because we are recognizing the death. We sometime feel alive like the miracle. On the other hand, the person who forgets dying might not understand true wonderful of living.

 It is discontinued to translate the sentence of the remainder because of my tiredness.

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