Mental stress


The stress causes most diseases.

March 15, 2017

Explanation of content of this book

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     First edition issue on Gentousya February 22, 2017

Field medicine

 This book explains the following.
1. About mechanism of diseases not understood so far, that is, blood flow obstruction.
2. In a word, most diseases are caused by stress.
 For instance, the stress is a cause such as cancer, visceral disease, cardiac infarction, cerebral infarction, and rheumatism.
3. Also, stress will become a poison - death god and a medicine - goddess depending on our way of thinking.
4. In other words, if we put stress on our side we will get a fulfilling life, but if we use stress as an enemy we will lead to a miserable life or death.
5. How to relieve stress.
6. There are sound sleep points like magic, which will arrange autonomic nerves and will lead to sound sleep.
7. Relationship between Field medicine, Japanese medicine and True reiki method and so on.

The contemporary medicine does not catch the essence of disease.

 The contemporary medicine has various problems and contradictions. For that reason, internal criticism and accusations etc. have also increased. However, they have poor alternatives and patients cannot help dealing with the actual response.
 For instance, there is some truth in the opinion that "Leave cancer.",“Early detection of cancer invites misfortune.", and "Cancer is not terrible but the treatment of cancer is horrible.". However, I can hardly agree with this opinion.

 This book explains how inappropriate doctor's think and medicine treatment methods are, if we return to the fundamentals of medicine and physiology. Doctor's are misidentifying the essence of the disease.
 In order to prevent disease, it is only necessary to prevent blood flow obstruction, and if blood flow obstruction is canceled, the disease is recovered. And the biggest factor to cause blood flow obstruction is a mental stress.
 If it is so, disease prevention is beyond the scope of the physician's defense. Then, even if doctors and new medicines increase, the number of sick people will not decrease and a sickness society will continue.
 This book is an enlightenment book to such a sickness society, and is a guidebook for keeping healthy and living long in a sick society.






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