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Problem of Western medicine

November 03, 2017

Problem of Western medicine

 Western medicine tends to ask the diseased part for tha cause of the disease, and the treatment of the diseased part becomes the main subject. In other word, Western medicine is a point medicine.
 For that reason, Western medicine is divided into the respiratory system, the digestive system, and the circulatory organs system, etc.
 Patients of the symptom across two or more fields will be asked to see doctors in different fields, or they will go around the hospital, respectively.
 In this way, doctors are insufficient in recognition that body organs are cooperating with each other, or body organs are affecting each other.
 Inevitably, not the radical cure treatment that removes a sick cause but symptomatic treatment is a subject in Western medicine. Where symptomatic treatment is a treatment that reduces the principal symptom and waits to recover from an illness by the natural healing power.
 In short, the leading role of Western medicine is a medicine and an operation, which is a treatment method with many side effects. Especially, it is likely to be used the expensive drug more than the necessity because treatment is a business.

Body organs are mutually cooperated.

 Body organs work together based on the instruction in brain - hypothalamus -. However, the instruction goes from each body organs to the brain and body organs work together based on it.
 For instance, if the stomach is full, stomach instructs the brain so that the organs of the sympathetic nervous system such as the brain will rest because stomach and intestines should digest food. Then, we become sleepy if we eat.
  ⇒ Body organs are mutually cooperated directly or through the brain.
  ⇒ Because burden of body organs to be cooperated increases when a certain body organ becomes tired, those body organs will become tired.

placebo effect

 Here, the placebo effect is the treatment effect that the symptoms of the patient are going to recover even if a placebo not containing medicinal components is administered.

Medicine is poisoned.

 An effective medicine means that the medicine has a physiologic effect. Or the essence of the medicine is a poison.
 One of physiological effects of medicine, main effect, is effective in suppressing symptom but the other physiological effects of the medicine, side-effects, are not usually so examined. Moreover, side-effects might come to light by a long term taking.
 In general, side-effects when more than three kinds of medicines are taken are not examined. Therefore, There is a possibility that a long-term taking of the medicine and taking many kinds of medicines harm the body. Moreover, the medicine should circulate without being resolved in order to make the physiological effect around the inside of the body for a long time.
 Not being resolved for a long time means impose a burden on the liver. Therefore, long-term taking medicine and taking various medicines tends to make the kidney and liver worse.

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